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Without YOU, There is no US

Hello and I thank you for visiting our website!

I understand your time is valuable and if you’re spending it to learn something about us, than allow me to properly introduce ourselves and explain to you why we are truly different from any plumbing company out there, if not ANY company out there!

First, allow me to give you a few facts about our company.

We are the highest rated plumbing company in Charleston. Possibly, the highest rated company in Charleston, period!

We have both the highest number of received reviews as well as the highest ratings of those reviews!

We have been on Angie’s list for 10 years solid!

We have received the Angie’s List SSA Award (Super Service Award) given out to less than 5% of companies NATIONWIDE for an incredible 10 years in a row!

We have amassed an amazing 750 PLUS reviews on all forms of social media combined! NO company has been reviewed more than Servant Plumbing!

We have maintained an unparalleled and unheard of 99.5% customer satisfaction rating of EXCELLENT!

Maintaining a 99.5% excellent customer service rating with 50 reviews isn’t all that tough. But doing it with 750 reviews shows longevity and consistency!

Are we doing a little bragging here? Yes we are. Why? Because no other company CAN brag about having such an excellent customer satisfaction record!

Because nothing but nothing makes us smile more than knowing we are bringing happiness and smiles to our customers faces when it comes to an industry known to bring frowns!

And yes, we are very very very proud to be able to say that!

Wouldn’t it be nice if just once, just for once, you could have total and complete peace of mind and assurance in knowing that when it came time to call a company out to your home to repair something, you didn’t have to worry about exorbitant prices, getting ripped off, whether or not you could trust the repair man, or whether or not the work being performed was shoddy and inadequate? Or if the work you were being charged for was even being completed to begin with!

So yes, it goes without saying that we are exceptionally proud of our impeccable reviews and reputation!

We are exceptionally proud that 99.5% of our customers found us to be exceptional!

How did we achieve this?

Servant Plumbing is a small, Christian repair company dedicated to staying that way by design, not by lack of opportunity for growth.

Customers get lost during the growth process and become a number to most companies. And the vast majority of the time this number translates into a dollar figure as well.

When you don’t have a personal relationship with your customers, it’s very easy to charge them exorbitant prices combined with shoddy work, because you simply don’t care about them nor recognize them as individuals.

We pride ourselves on having actual relationships with our customers. We pride ourselves on being able to see ourselves through the customers eyes and look at ourselves while standing in our customers shoes.

In short, we CARE. We genuinely CARE. Because without you, there is no us! And it really is just that simple. And here is the way we show it.

We answer our phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are always but always speaking directly to us, not an answering service or a receptionist, but to a licensed master plumber.

We return all calls within 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We give 2 hour time frames of our arrival time, so you’re not waiting at the house all day like all the other companies that say “sometime tomorrow”

We stay small, which enables us to maintain extremely qualified technicians that are truly masters at their trade, versus having more work than employees, forcing companies to hire bottom rung technicians which is what you will find almost exclusively in the Charleston area.

We are working owners that have been at this craft for well over 30 years. What Technicians we do employ are at the top of their game, top-notch professionals whose level of skill and knowledge can be compared to none.

When it comes to professionalism, skill, knowledge, and most importantly, being of good moral fiber and having a high level of integrity, I would put ourselves up against any company in this nation and I don’t say that lightly.

Doing things the right way doesn’t stop at the way we treat our customers or our technicians. It’s a broad stroke and it’s a manner in which we do everything.

All of our trucks are new, clean, well stocked and supplied. We don’t pull up in your driveway in junkers with parts falling out when we open the door.

All our warranties are also simply unheard of. We give a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all the work we do, with the exception of high maintenance items and repairs, such as running toilets and leaky faucets. And even then we give a FULL TWO YEAR WARRANTY on that type work.

When other companies start fumbling about when it comes time to answer your questions about warranty, you can rest assured that we stand behind absolutely everything that we do. Plumbing repair shouldn’t be a “30, 60 or 90 day” repair. It should last for as long as your home lasts.

Why? Because we’re not afraid of the work we do. That’s because we use the best parts and the best technicians and we know when we leave your house the job will be done once and it will be done right. Plumbing is not something to play with.

We are also one of the last few, if not the last company that still believes in and offers free on site estimates and NEVER charges a service call or service fee to come out to your home!

Why? Because we are very confident in our pricing. We know once you hear our price, we will get the job. Unlike other companies that charge a service charge because they know there’s a chance you’ll say no to their price, why else would they charge a fee just to give you one?

Think about it, there’s absolutely no reason to charge a $89 service call fee unless you’re afraid the customer will say no to your price and ask you to leave!

Another reason companies charge a service call fee is a very devious one, a “trick of the trade.” By telling you the service charge is deductible from the work if you proceed, they’re forcing you to say yes, knowing no one wants to throw $89 in the trash!

We don’t play such games. We are a straight up company that offers world-class customer service without the world-class price tag. We cater to YOU not the other way around.

We know its a hard decision trying to choose between the vast array of companies out there. But you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that if you choose us, 750 other reviewers also chose Servant Plumbing and when it was all over, 99.5% of them said they made the correct choice!

There is only one way you gain such an impeccable reputation with so many seamless top notch ratings and reviews from previous customers.

You have to care. You have to genuinely care. That’s the only way. And we do. Because we know that without you, there is no us! And that makes YOU the most important thing there is!

Give us a try, when we leave you WILL be smiling, I absolutely guarantee it!

Why Choose Servant Plumbing?

Because unlike other plumbing companies who talk a good game, we are the only plumbing company in town that can back up our statement when we say that you, the customer, is our top priority.

Why can we claim to be the best? Because we are currently ranked number one in the Greater Charleston Area out of over 60 plumbing companies.

Call us: (843) 534-5079
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